"In Matters of Style,

Swim with the Current.

In Matters of Principal,

Stand Like a Rock."

Thomas Jefferson


Alex is the Owner of RealEyes Displays,LLC; which is the parent company of The ChiroChannel. Alex may look young, but he has been designing digital sign systems for over 14 years. He started RealEyes Displays at age 23 shortly after receiving his marketing degree.  Through almost 100% referral business from happy clients, his work can be seen in hundreds of displays across the nation including universities, waiting rooms, assisted living, and many other industries.  He is also the lead designer for interactive touch screen kiosks.


Alex became passionate about chiropractic years ago after a pinched nerve left him in pain. Luckily he found a fantastic DC to adjust his spine and his life. His doctor spent significant time educating him on the philosophy of chiropractic. He was in awe - what he learned was not even close to his original perception of chiropractic. There was a significant knowledge gap here, and Alex decided that chiropractors needed his help.


The ChiroChannel was born out of the realization that every DC needs to tell their own chiropractic story. Alex is a true example that quality care and education can change someone's life.

PATTY BERNIER, Executive Director

Patty has owned her own business as a professional web designer for over 17 years and has worked with the ChiroChannel for over 10 years. She also has over 30 years in marketing, business, and building customer relations.


Patty injured her back coming to a business meeting with Alex to work on the early stages of The ChiroChannel. As simple as it is to get out of your car, Patty twisted her back the wrong way and was left in tears. She could hardly walk or move. She wanted to see a doctor and hopefully get some medication to reduce the pain. Alex strongly advocated a visit to his chiropractor, but the thought of someone manipulating her tender spine was terrifying.


Trusting Alex's advice, she set an appointment to see his chiropractor. As with all great DC's, he took the time to educate her and ensure she was comfortable with his actions. His gentle manipulation almost immediately restored movement to her body and tears of joy flowed shortly after (along with a big, Wisconsin hug). One or two more visits and she was back to normal, without any medications needed.


Patty's personal experience confirmed her conviction to working with The ChiroChannel and is now heading the business as the Executive Director.

Our Mission is to Build Technology that Strengthens Businesses and Inspires People to Use and Promote Chiropractic Care

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